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The USS Akitsu Model
Class: Akyazi 
Catagory: Perimeter Action Ships
Size: 4'5" x 8" x 2.5"

$65.00 USD
Please allow 5 business days for printing & shipping.

The USS Akitsu, an Akyazi class, Perimeter Action Ship.

This model is created in a 3D Printer from the drawings you can find on this website.
All the pieces are composed of solid Nylon and none are hollow.

There are 15 pieces to this model, 4 pieces that comprise each engine (8), 3 pieces that comprise the engine support pylons, 2 pieces that comprise the engineering pod and pylons and 2 pieces that comprise the saucer.

It comes in a variety of sizes but the standard size as shown below is 8" long by 5" wide (engine to engine) with a saucer that measures 4" x 3.25". The total length is 8" and 1.25" in height with the stand it measures 2.5" in height.

The model is available in several colors

MJF Nylon :
Black (tumble polished)

Nylon (add to above colors)

and can be custom painted by you to your personal specifications.

Please allow 5 business days for printing and shipping.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
If you're not satisfied with the product for any reason your money will be refunded so long as you email for an RMF and return the entire item within 30 days of purchase.

  • The SLS Nylon Printers that we use are currently the Highest Definition printers on the market.

  • The EOS P396 has several different materials that we can print, from PA2200 Nylon to ultralight Glass-bead filled Nylon.

  • The HP MJF 4200 Printer that we use, uses some of the newest technologies to bring an affordable, strong and near injection molded accuracy and strength to the 3D printing world.

  • We are currently working on getting our metal printing capabilities online, please check back with us in a few months.
    Currently we can print in various colors of Nylon and SLA Standard Black Resin.