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  1. The Bridger series is my first attempt at bringing the world of the ZONE to those that have never played the computer game and to give it a little more life of its own for the readers.

    It’s a hostile place filled with danger, deception and deceit but it’s also a place of romance and heros.

    I hope you enjoy reading about Bridger as much as I have enjoyed sharing his story.

  2. The White Witch – Comrades ** FREE **

    The White Witch – Comrades ** FREE **

    Hey. You know what day this is?
    This is, get the White Witch series book I, Comrades, FREE day!


    At the moment my book is available from Kindle at no charge.
    This is a marketing plan to generate interest before returning it to a priced item.

    I would greatly appreciate if you guys would download the book (the kindle viewer is free) read it and then leave me feedback on Kindle of your thoughts about it.
    I’d really like to get your impressions and thoughts on the Bridger adventures.

    I’m already 138 pages into book II and trying to complete it by the end of the month.
    I’m guessing though that it will be early Aug.

    I’m creating some nasty insects for him to deal with in book II – Whispers.

    Go get the book!!!

  3. The White Witch – Comrades Rev2

    New changes to the story!

    I started out thinking I would use the mapping GSC used and add my own stories but after I started looking into the actual geography of the Pripyat/Chernobyl area (thank you Google!), I decided to create my own geography and story using the actual Ukrainian geographical locations for the STALKER POI’s.

    After spending several days online with Google maps, I discovered that the GSC, Zone layout is nowhere near correct to the actual geography and though I managed to find nearly all of the locations that the game uses (Very real locations too! Including some great pics taken by various tourists and posted on the internet) and after a great deal of thought, I decided to use the actual geography for the map and storylines that Bridger uses in his exploits.

    To that end, there are some really neat, new explanations for the Jupiter Underground that is still in my book, and the trek to the laundromat is slightly different as well since the building locations are different from the GSC map.

    I also became aware that the car lot and theater populated by the Monolyth in the game is actually the Fluvial Port located on the south end of a tributary just off the Chernobyl Port Bay, which by the way, is also the location of the docks in the Jupiter area of the game.

    In addition I discovered that the Jupiter Plant, a key location in my book and oddly, depicted as part of the marshy Chernobyl Port Bay, is actually located SW of Pripyat, nowhere near the bay much less the docks, actually located NE of Pripyat.

    Consequently, the Jupiter area has also changed immensely due to that issue and a reintroduction of salt water from the Pripyat River that has flooded the region again.
    The Skadovsk is underwater, Owl and Beard having subsequently moved to a new location.

    2nd Book – Whisper
    In the second book, I needed to have the dredge pit involved which in the GSC game is located west of the Yanov Train Depot (which actually exists as well). Trouble was, one, while I could find the Train Station, I couldn’t find the dredge pit and two, the train station and railway lines in the GSC game run N & S but in reality, they run E & W and I couldn’t find the Dredge Pit anywhere.

    So I took a little “Authors Privilege”, found a spot on the actual map (south of the station) that looked reasonably similar to the pit in the game and created the Saganaw Pit & community.
    I like it and I think it works well with the story line.

    The revision 2 version will be uploaded to the Kindle site in a week or so after I’m sure I have all the loose ends figured out in it.
    I need to make the storyline bullet proof before I revise the book.

    Hope someone reads this since I’m excited about it.
    Welcoming all comments and thoughts.

  4. The White Witch – Comrades – Edition II THE HARD COPY BOOK

    I finally got the hard copy submitted to Kindle Publishing and as of this moment I have the first hard copy, paperback novel available for purchase via Kindle.

    I sent for a review (proof) copy for myself so I have the first hard copy book printed of the series.

  5. In addition to writing the second book, Whisper, I’m working on learning how to render 3D artwork now.
    I’m going to set up another page soon to display some of my early results.

    I have it in mind to create new, static graphics for the book and possibly a motion picture version of the story as well.

  6. I’m devoting a great deal of attention to developing my 3D talents now.
    Some of the work is displayed in the titles above.

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