Bridger & Alina
(scene one)

This was my first experience at 3D creation and my first rendering after about 20 hours of research and trial and error, correction work.
These characters represent Bridger and Alina, the two main characters of the first book Comrades.

In this sequence bridger needed to be holding Alina and while I had little problem getting the two figures in the proper position for their union, I had a dickens of a time figuring out how to rotate Alina such that she would orient properly with Bridgers lap.

After a night of frustration I gave up trying to align her and went to bed at 3:30am.
The next day after work, I started into it again and found some new controls I wasn't aware of the night before that accomplished what I needed with ZERO effort.
Issue resolved.
In this scene, Bridger is holding Alina after a long walk carrying her. He has nearly collapsed from exhaustion and is awaiting the approach of several unknown individuals with unknown motives.
Strapped to his thigh, he has a .45 automatic pistol and he has positioned himself so that he could draw it from the holster and hold it ready in case of trouble without the approaching group knowing this.
Later, I will add additional details to this rendering including guns, outfits and background as well as facial expression corrections.

Bridger & Alina
(Next Series - New Threads)
This was my second rendering of my 3D creations having learned a great deal more about how Daz works.
This rendering took all of mabe 10 minutes to create.
Here I added some additional combat items to Bridger and then merged Alina with him.
To save time in uploading and down loading the artwork I used a lower resolution pic so the rez isn't real high quality.
I'll increase that rez factor and make the images sharper and then add them to this screen later.


Bridger & Alina
(Final Series - New Backgrounds)
This was my first attempt at merging my 3D creation with a .png photo.
This rendering took all of 4 minutes to create.
I'll add some more with different poses as I play with them.

All of this so far, has cost me $11.00 not including my time and labor.
After adding a little detail and resizing the background a couple times.