3-D Art

The following carousels represent my growing experience at 3D creation.
My first rendering took about 20 hours of research and trial and error, learning and correction work.

After learning how to manipulate the DUD's (dress up dolls) in DAZ Studio, I took and interest in building props (toys, guns, tables, etc non living items) and my time was directed almost exclusively into learning how to draw in Hexagon, designing these models you see below.

Some of these models you can find showcased at DeviantArt.com and some, soon to be listed for sale on my site at CGTrader.com .

The first star ship took nearly 160 hours to build.
I'd get up early in the morning, make coffee and sit down for a couple hours learning, drawing, deleting and re-drawing then head to work.
After work I'd come home, have dinner and spend some time with my wife Ana then sit down again and continue till maybe 3am before heading to bed to start over the next day.

My goal is to create a graphic novel of my books and make a living selling my work.

My advice to anyone considering this field is that it won't support you immediately and to be patient and more than anything else, understand that time management is the most important thing you'll learn in this field.

I hope you enjoy the flicks.

Bridger & Alina
(scene one)

This was my first experience at 3D creation and my first rendering after about 20 hours of research and trial and error, correction work.
These characters represent Bridger and Alina, the two main characters of the first book Comrades.

In this sequence bridger needed to be holding Alina and while I had little problem getting the two figures in the proper position for their union, I had a dickens of a time figuring out how to rotate Alina such that she would orient properly with Bridgers lap.

After a night of frustration I gave up trying to align her and went to bed at 3:30am.

The next day after work, I started into it again and found some new controls I wasn't aware of the night before that accomplished what I needed with ZERO effort.
Issue resolved.

In this scene, Bridger is holding Alina after a long walk carrying her. He has nearly collapsed from exhaustion and is awaiting the approach of several unknown individuals with unknown motives.

Strapped to his thigh, he has a .45 automatic pistol and he has positioned himself so that he could draw it from the holster and hold it ready in case of trouble without the approaching group knowing this.

Later, I will add additional details to this rendering including guns, outfits and background as well as facial expression corrections.

Bridger & Alina
(scene one)

This was my second rendering of my 3D creation.
This rendering took all of mabe 10 minutes to create.

Here I added some additional combat items to Bridger and then merged Alina with him.

To save time in uploading and down loading the artwork I used a lower resolution pic so the rez isn't real high quality.
I'll increase that rez factor and make the images sharper and then add them to this screen later.

Bridger & Alina
(scene one)

This was my first attempt at merging my 3D creation with a .png photo.
This rendering took all of 4 minutes to create.

I'll add some more with different poses as I play with them.

All of this so far, has cost me $11.00 not including my time and labor.

After adding a little detail and resizing the background a couple times.

In the third scene, Bridger is in a location known as the Garbage Dump.

This cut I took at a local landfill.

Perimeter Action Group
Akyazi Sub-Class
USS Akitsu

The Perimeter Action Group vessels were built for the Federation to protect its distant and outlying citizens against Klingon invasion attacks.

The first in the Perimeter Action class of vessels was the Akyazi sub-class, the USS Akyazi being the first in the commissioned line followed by the Astura, the Akitsu, and the Braga commanded by Cpt. Janet Garrett, mother of Rachel Garrett who would later command and disappear in the Enterprise 1701-C lost in action.

These vessels were first commissioned in late, 2286, constructed just after the Enterprise 1701, commanded by J.T. Kirk's first 5 year mission from 2265 to 2270 ended.

I had always wondered how the Federation came to be and what things and politics might have been like prior to Kirk and the TOS productions.

I started writing the Garrett series novel in 2012 and I played with it with little seriousness for short writing periods over the years since.

Late 2017 I stumbled upon the Axanar Trailer production and loved the concept so much that it renewed my interest in the time period and I started altering the original book to fit it.

Early 2018 I ran across the book, Ships of the Starfleet and loved Guenthers renditions of what he considered the early editions of the paramilitary policing force would have appeared and began adding new tweaks to Garrett based on those vessels.

In mid 2018 I stumbled across Daz Studios 3D software and and their Hexagon 3D engineering software and with my modest Cad background experience, it fit into my abilities well and I began "self taught", learning how to develop 3D models.

I started this 3D ship project because I liked the design and imagined use of this vessel as depicted in Guenthers book and because I was amazed at the lack of any other 3D versions on the Internet (including the McCook version. Kudos Sir).
It took me nearly two months (well over 200 hrs) to create it considering I was still fresh in the 3D learning curve, as well as adding several tweaks and alterations to the Guenther drawings that reflect my own sense of intended design and engineering needs and I have loved every minute of the frustrations and triumphs in creating it.

Additional mention and appreciation goes to the numerous people on Daz blog site that at first, tolerated my early, self inclusion to the PDA ranks and later aided with helpful comments and suggestions.

Perimeter Action Group
Arbiter Sub-Class
USS Arbiter

The Arbiter sub-class ships were the second generation of Perimeter Action ships built for the Federation to protect it distant and outlying citizens against Klingon invasion attacks.

These vessels were first commissioned in 2287, constructed just after the Enterprise 1701, commanded by J.T. Kirk's first 5 year mission from 2265 to 2270 ended.

Notable improvements to the Arbiter class over the Akyazi class were changes made to the Dome to add another deck for additional science and military use, the Engineering pod and struts were reshaped to add new curves in order to soften the appearance of the sharp, angular edges and reduce her long range scan, sensor profile, the pod itself was reduced in size due in large to improvements in the Warp Technology making older equipment obsolete, the warp drive pylons were reduced in size to reduce the profile, another cannon was added to the rear arms hardpoint and a defensive grid consisting of a new technology, PEG system (protective envelope generator), a predecessor of the current energy shields and a newly, redesigned and improved emergency impulse engine system.
The new bridge is not shown here.

Her warp engines were scheduled for upfit as well and are now fitted in place.
At a new warp drive speed increase they are slimmer and 30% larger than her sister Akyazi class engines.

The new PEG system is also shown here.

This Arbiter Sub-Class vessel shown here is my second major project.
Utilizing many of the previously designed Akyazi ship I created my version of the Arbiter Series vessel.

Design time was vastly reduced to a mere two weeks.

When I've mastered the meshes, then I'll create the third sub-class, Akula.