3-D Art

The following carousels represent my growing experience at 3D creation.

I was originally working on an Optiplex 960, dual core with max 8Gigs of Ram memory and while it worked reasonably well with one or two characters, as I added new props and characters to my scenes the system took longer and longer to render out the new graphic changes not only in the design stage but also in the actual production stage.

I later upgraded to a quad core with 16Gigs Ram and things got much faster

My first rendering took about 20 hours of research and trial and error, learning and correction work.

After learning how to manipulate the DUD's (dress up dolls) in DAZ Studio, I took and interest in building props (toys, guns, tables, etc non living items) and my time was directed almost exclusively into learning how to draw in Hexagon, designing these models you see below.

Some of these models you can find showcased at DeviantArt.com and some, soon to be listed for sale on my site at CGTrader.comĀ .

The first star ship took nearly 160 hours to build.
I'd get up early in the morning, make coffee and sit down for a couple hours learning, drawing, deleting and re-drawing then head to work.
After work I'd come home, have dinner and spend some time with my wife Ana then sit down again and continue till maybe 3am before heading to bed to start over the next day.

My goal is to create a graphic novel of my books and make a living selling my work.

My advice to anyone considering this field is that it won't support you immediately and to be patient and more than anything else, understand that time management is the most important thing you'll learn in this field.

I hope you enjoy the flicks.

Bridger 010


3-D Art

The The Bridger Series is the first DUD work I learned as I explored the new Daz3d software.

Learning how to create the character was the easy part. Learning how t manipulate it on the other hand was much more difficult and frustrating.

Contained in this brief gallery are the very first images I created.

I hope you enjoy the flicks.


Star Ship Series

The Star Ship Series is the second series of graphics I learned as I branched out of the Daz3D, DUD's and into the more interesting world of Hexagon's engineering and cad work.

Within this area are several of the star ships that I have always had an interest in and fall within the realms of my second book series based on the Star Trek novel series.

Misc Art

The Misc Art page is a growing compilation of all the odd stuff that either led to the above series or was part of the projects I eventually started making money from.