The Zone of Exclusion Series



Since returning from Afghanistan, Bridger's life had turned mundane and pointless.

Bridger joined the US Army at the tender age of 18 after his father forcefully encouraged his induction by kicking him out on the street the day after his 18th birthday.

There he discovered he had an uncanny ability to learn and speak unusual languages and when combined with his seemingly unholy abilities in combat, he joined the Berets special forces and was quickly posted out to Afghanistan.

After 8 years in the field with 9 other Green Berets he earned a reputation for his instantaneous split second decision and reaction abilities as well as a an incomparable tracker and rescuer.

Now Bridger is using those same skills again in the Zone of Exclusion, a 40 kilometer area around the Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion area cordoned off by the Ukrainian military and government.

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"Rachel Garrett"

Perimeter Action Group

Akitsu 1012



Little is known about the history of the Enterprise-C but of what little is known, in timeline 2366, a torpedo fired by the Enterprise-D captained by Jean Luc Picard, explodes near the Narendra III Federation outpost, and unexpectedly opens a temporal rift into timeline 2344 at that location resulting in a window through time where the Enterprise-D watches as the Enterprise-C is mortally attacked by a Klingon battle cruiser.

The ensuing action results in the Enterprise-C, captained by Rachelle Garrett in timeline 2344 being pushed through the temporal window into timeline 2366 thereby immediately vanishing with her crew from her proper timeline and simultaneously, altering the 2344 timeline as well as the 2366 timeline when the disappearance of the ship and crew, results in an alternate timeline in 2366, in which the Klingon empire is still at war with the Federation.

And winning.

To correct this, Captain Picard in the altered future of 2366, created a new temporal rift into 2344, whereby CPT. Garrett and crew can return and restore the proper history of 2344 and subsequently 2366 in addition


This is the story of Cptn. Rachelle Garrett's mother, Rachel Garrett and her illustrious and sometimes, risque career with the Perimeter Action Group, on the Akyazi Class, USS Akitsu, and it's missions defending the out lying Federation members against the growing Klingon agressions in 2290.

Coming February, 2018